Mom/Filmmaker Roseanne Sky – S01 E08

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The Random Variety Show Podcast with Charley Miller
Season 01 – Episode 08 – Guest Roseanne Sky
Our guest for this episode is a long time family friend, Roseanne Sky who speaks about her experience with the first annual Mobil Film Festival and our entry entitled Wow Mom! which was recognized as first honorable mention (4th place out of 8 entries) The festival was held April 28 & 29 at Grossmont College in San Diego, CA. Our entry of “WOW MOM!” can be found here

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Charley shares his thoughts and memories of the Film Festival as well as some useful tidbits and a couple of jokes.
The photos mentioned in the the show are from the
More info about “Mike the Headless Chicken


Quote of the episode: “Did you see what your monkey just did?”
**Mr. Marx appears courtesy of the chaotic prattle and vibrations of Mr. Miller’s larynx, and the marvelous wizardry of the Internet.


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