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By @ 11/20/13 in Actors, Fans of the Show, Music, Podcasters, Pop, Rock

Season 2 Episode 12.5

Here we have another BONUS episode to keep all you wonderful listeners up-to-date.  I suppose an alternate title for this episode could be “What has Charley been up to?” but that does sound a bit too cliché don’t you think?

Along with filling you in on what’s been going on for the last 8 weeks, Charley shares a few original music pieces he created with Garageband.  Then ‘rounding out the episode we have a bit of listener feedback and not one, but two voicemails!


Quote of the episode:

“And now we’re going to follow that up with a little Latin number I put together. I don’t have any name for it, so I’m just gonna say ‘My Little Latin Number!’”

**Mr. Marx appears courtesy of the chaotic prattle and vibrations of Mr. Miller’s larynx, and the marvelous wizardry of the Internet.